American electric model trains

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Unfortunately I do not have a model railway in the American style, but I am not devoid of pleasure to turn on my layout "Varzallo" American locomotives and wagons. I believe that building an American or Canadian layout would be a unique and fantastic experience. These two great nations offer us a wide variety of ideas for our layouts, mountain landscapes, lush meadows, lakes, forests, canyons, waterfalls ....

The livery of these trains are flushy and very attractive. Many American companies, with their models, have been able to recreate the interested in a mini-world modeling of all respect for modellers. In this page, as well as symbols of the biggest American companies, I have tried to categorize the various locomotives according to their type and I have collected many interesting photos of real trains.


Fotogallery Locomotori americani : EMD F7A

Fotogallery Locomotori americani : EMD GP40

Fotogallery Locomotori americani : EMD GP38 - GP35

Fotogallery Locomotori americani : EMD GP30 - GP15 - GP9 -GP50

Fotogallery Locomotori americani - EMD F40PH

Fotogallery  Vaporiere e Locotender americani