Electric model trains and model railway layouts

A greeting to all model railfans and hobbyists

I am Giovanni from Biella, Capotrenogiò on the web; My website, online since 2008, is now proposed in its third version. The content has changed over time, starting from a simple site where I showed my collection of Lima trains with motor G and my first model railway layout, now presenting different topics. I show my collection of locomotives photographed all in front of the station of Varzallo, the station of my current railway model that I illustrate photographically also in the construction phase: the old model layout has been disassembled, but to make it live in my memories and also to make it known to the public I have dedicated a page to it.

Then I propose you a very accurate section of Lima Tains, and in addition to photos of my old locomotives I tell you about the history of the brand from the 60s to today. I was able to put some very old catalogs online. In the age of digitization I show you some very practical techniques for working on and digitizing locomotives.

I have enriched the content of my website with sections concerning agricultural model farm layouts,  model ships, model airplaines and model cars and also with sections regarding museums, old cars, car design, mythical station of the last century, and Italian private railway companies. I decided in this new version to give more space to the local fairs compared to the great national exhibitions, which however I quote and propose with many photos. I illustrate three hobby model trains expo in Biella "Prossima Fermata Candelo", "Tollegno in scala" and "Mongrando Model Show" that always attract many fans of the sector. Over time I got interested in the agricultural models as well and I have already visited twice the important Agricultural Fair (Fiera in Campo) in Caresana_Vercelli.

Lastly, I just want to tell you that in all these years the passion and enthusiasm for model railways was always in me, with the simplicity of a time without having succumbed to exaggerations of perfectionism very common today