The Olivetti typewriter museum at the Natale Capellaro Foundation in Ivrea -Italy

New UNESCO sites: "Ivrea, an industrial city of the 20th century" becomes a World Heritage Site in 2018! A visit to the Olivetti typewriter Museum of Ivrea, where a wide range of typewriters, calculators and electronic calculators are kept in order to pass on their history to future generations.

The Natale Capellaro foundation actively manages the Olivetti Typewriter Museum since 2008, promoting the technical-scientific culture, enhancing the local and national industrial technological Heritage. The museum exhibition area consists of a room used to display typewriters, (some Remington and an impressive parade of the most important of the Olivetti brand), an area for calculators (mechanical calculation and electronic calculation area), an IBM and Olivetti computer room, a restoration laboratory and an educational workshop-room, a destination for students visits . In the foundation work young students passionate about history, and elderly and devoted workers who have experienced first hand the significant and extraordinary chapters of the story they tell. Natale Capellaro, a simple worker and then a brilliant designer of the most famous typewriters, contributed to the success of the Olivetti factory and in 1962 he received a  Honorary degree from the University of Bari. The foundation today bears the name of the simple worker who became Director Technician General of the Olivetti.

Photogallery old olivetti typewriters

Photogallery calculators and computers - Vintage