My model railway layout: "Varzallo" Station

In November 2011 I started to build a new model railway layout, imagining to set it in a green and flat area with model trains of V-VI period (current). A hypothetical geographical location you can imagine is the north east Italy, where passing Italians, Austrians, Swiss and Germans convoyos. I gave the station the fancy name "Varzallo" charming village in an area with high tourist hotel, tennis courts, pond and hiking trails in the pine forest. Certainly no shortage of business activities in Varzallo , in fact we can see a big railway yard in three tracks with a refinery that employs many people. I wanted to create a station very important because tourism is not lacking in Varzallo! The railway consists of three separate circuits, the two external for analog model trains, and the inner one for digital model trains. In total I have 5 trains on the layout in the internal circuit digital (travelling alternately) and two on the outer circuits. So when I have everything running I have a good rolling motion at the same time. I used tracks Roco Geoline with ballast

Varzallo model railway layout: construction phases

Varzallo - my model layout