The model cars garage - 1:43 scale diecast model cars

A model vehicle or toy vehicle is a miniature representation of a car.

Yes, I must admit, I'm also very fond of cars in 1:43 scale. Below you can see my collection of model cars and my old garage which I carefully guard since 1967. It is a two-storey garage ESSO service station. The pumps deliver normal and Super petrol (with the old slogan "Esso: mettez un tigre dans votre moteur"). The garage also has a car wash and greasing service, as well as an exhibition window.

Historical brands of model cars in 1:43 scale

La Politoys: a great brand of the 60s

La Polistil (originally called Politoys), was a toy manufacturing company based in Milan. Polistil was specialized in the production of plastic model cars and then in die-cast metal of all sizes. After 33 years of activity, Polistil closed its production plants in 1993. The origin of Polistil as a company is in the 60s. The company began its activity with the name Politoys APS in 1960 producing plastic model cars and only after there was the introduction of the first models of die-cast metal vehicles. Around the year 1970, the company name changed to Polistil; it is supposed that this change was made to distinguish its name from similar one of the English company Palitoy. The main research and design center was based in Milan where the most voluminous toys for children were also produced, including trucks, dolls ... Most of the models were produced in Chiari (BS), in a specialized center in the creation of scale die-cast vehicles. Following only the decline. The competition with the rising Bburago and Maisto contributed to the decline of Polistil. In 1993, unfortunately, the Polistil was gone forever.

La Mebetoys - Model cars made in Italy

The mebetoys, in the 60s, was a company based in Oleggio Castello (Novara). Mebetoys produced models of cars in 1:43 scale, made of high quality die-cast metal. In 1969 MATTEL purchased this Italian brand by changing the name of this company to Mattel s.p.a, but continued to market car models all over Europe under the historical Mebetoys brand. Mattel continued to design and manufacture models for the Mebetoys line until 1980-81, when the Mebetoys brand was definitively removed from the market. A Mebetoys website does not exist, of course, but on this American site (Grantoros) you can admire an unforgettable series of 60-70 year-old models

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