My first model railway

Il plastico giochereccio: il plastico costruito con la mia famiglia nel 2007.

From an early age I played with electric  trains of Lima. I mounted and unmounted circuits, I often changed them, but I've never had a model railway layout  itself, because there was no space in my house. Then a long period during which all ended up in the cellar. A few years ago, I wanted to play with my children, I pulled out the old boxes and I rediscovered the old passion and is' reborn in me the idea to finally build a model layout! In August 2007, with the help of my wife we have built a model (3x2 m.) That would allow us to play together. We called it the railway model "giochereccio" ( to play !). We bought the house and the train station, the characters, the trees, the missing rails and trains, the level crossing, in short everything that we were missing. We built the mountain with cardboard and a wooden bridge. Under trains Lima you will see this old rolling stock. 

Then, I took the passion and having been invited to exhibit at a county fair, in October 2008, we made a second model layout smaller (1.60 x1 mt.), Then we called it the model Aosta. In the meantime, I had more and more passionate locomotives and then I started to getting around markets and fairs to buy trains which were used on ebay eventually gaining possession of about 25 locomotives and 50 cars..

Fotogallery : il plastico giochereccio di Capotrenogio'