The Christmas Nativity scenes of Verdobbio - Sordevolo (BI) - Italy

Exhibition of Christmas Nativity scenes of Verdobbio, in Sordevolo near the church and the old adjacent farms. The suggestive corner of the village recreates the past and catches our eyes with the little nativity scenes , the nativity scene inside the illuminated bubble, the sheeps in the stable, and all the lighted buildings .

Christmas nativity scenes created by friar Amilcare in Biella (Italy)

The nativity scenes on vision only during the Christmas period

The classic Christmas nativity scene - in my home

The giant Nativity scenes of Marchetto (Biella - Italy) 

Scenes of everyday life of other times interpreted by big characters in papier mache.

The mechanical Christmas nativity scene of Callabiana - Italy

The giant Nativity scenes of Masserano - (Biella - Italy)

Exposure over the Christmas period of a giant nativity scene with papier-mâché characters inserted in the most characteristic corners of the country. Characters from the past who live their daily life, doing their jobs, from the doctor, to the barber, to the small local market.

Representations of Christmas nativity scenes in the woods near small villages

These nativity scenes are made with little, but two ingredients are fundamental: imagination and simplicity. A walk not to be missed, a hundred corners to discover. Merry Christmas!