Model ships - ship and boat models. 

I propose you wooden ships, warships , vessel and sailing boats..In this section I will suggest the most important Italian Naval Museums, and I will show you the pictures I took  at the Vatican museums (Miti del Mare exhibition) and at the Fiat Center in Turin.

The model boats exhibition in Rome

"La Via del Mare" at the Vatican Museums

Model ships show at the Fiat Historic Center in Turin

Historical images of the Titanic shipwreck and Amundsen's journey to the North Pole - Norwegian Museum

The association Ferrovie Siciliane AFS (Messina) at the Verona exhibition fair 2017

In the naval museums of the Navy there are important reproductions of models of ships and boats. I suggest a virtual visit.

In the site "MITI DEL MARE" you can see various models made by passionate ship modelers and find many useful tips for building techniques, also a directory to the most important naval modeling museums throughout Europe. The author of the site, Mr. Duilio Curradi strongly expresses his passion for naval modeling. Thanks to its expertise and its lengthy research it gives us a complete overview of this branch of model ship

I propose to you the vision of the catalog of the Corel company in Milan, specialized in the distribution of Navy Modeling.