Car Museum in Turin - Italy

Photographs and images of the cars during my visit to the Car Museum - July 2014

The Turin Automobile Museum reopened its doors to visitors on 19 March 2011, after a four-year renovation. The renovated Museum sees the presence of a collection of about 200 original vintage cars of 80 different brands. Renovated internally and externally, the Turin Auto Museum sees its spaces increase from 11,000 square meters of the original structure to more than 19,000 square meters. Among the many new features of the renovated Museum, visitors can visit the new exhibition routes, an area dedicated to the theme of car design and a collection of the main models that have represented the history of motoring since 1769.

The car and the Twentieth Century
The man and the car
The  car designer
and spaces for temporary exhibitions and reception areas, educational center, bookshop, cafeteria and restaurant.

Turin Automobile Museum - historical cars